Just want to mention that I plan on doing a whole series of these dudes, with hopefully some more surprises in store than just prints. On the off chance that both of these prints (and future breakable dudes) sell out, I will be reprinting a variant of them facing the opposite direction (with a slight change) so that any matchup is possible. I REALLY like making these dudes, and I hope people enjoy them enough to put them in their homes, so that others may imagine the ensuing battle. 

Both of these dudes will be #SDCC exclusives, available at my table at the Nucleus booth (#2743).



Sneaky ‘Better Call Saul' billboard spotted in Albuquerque | Vulture
And the phone number works! Vulture gave it a ring and recorded the Mrs. Doubtfire-esque outgoing message from Bob Odenkirk himself.
Build your own pyramids, write your own hieroglyphs
HiiiPoWeR, Kendrick Lamar (via youwillneverknow—me)


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